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Outdoor Kits

  • Protect yourself from the outdoors.
  • For use both before and after exposure.

Item #Unit #Item NameTypeHeightWidthDepth
K610-017Outdoor First Aid KitGreen Nylon Pouch---
K610-018Outdoor First Aid KitBlack Nylon Pouch---
K610-019Outdoor First Aid KitOrange Nylon Pouch---
K610-020Outdoor First Aid KitRed Nylon Pouch---
K216-024785XInsect Sting KitPoly Box4"2.75"1.25"
K216-022785XInsect Sting KitUnit Box4"2.75"1.25"
K205-033790XSnake Bite KitPoly Box4"2.75"1.25"
K205-034790XSnake Bite KitUnit Box4"2.75"1.25"
K216-005792XTick Removal KitPoly Box4"2.75"1.25"
K216-000792XTick Removal KitUnit Box4"2.75"1.25"