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Nylon Pouch First Aid Kits

  • Kits come with belt loop and key ring.
  • Each pouch is handcrafted from top to bottom - right here at Certified Safety Manufacturing.

Item #Item NameTypeSizeHeightWidthDepth
K201-197MP-33 Mini PouchGreen Nylon PouchN/A2.5"3.5"1.5"
K201-199MP-33 Mini PouchWhite Nylon PouchN/A2.5"3.5"1.5"
K201-201MP-33 Mini PouchBlack Nylon PouchN/A2.5"3.5"1.5"
K201-198XLP-99 Extra Large PouchGreen Nylon PouchN/A4.5"4.25"2.25"
K201-200XLP-99 Extra Large PouchWhite Nylon PouchN/A4.5"4.25"2.25"
K201-202XLP-99 Extra Large PouchBlack Nylon PouchN/A4.5"4.25"2.25"
K607-025MP-33 Mini PouchRed Nylon PouchN/A2.5"3.5"1.5"
K610-005XLP-99 Extra Large PouchRed Nylon PouchN/A4.5"4.25"2.25"
K612-071XLP - Police Bicycle PatrolPouchXLP4.5"4"2.5"