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Elite First Aid Kits

  • Unitized first aid kits stay neat and organized, fitting tight to prevent shifting.
  • Single-use packaging ensures uncontaminated product for treating injuries.

Item #Item NameTypeSizeHeightWidthDepth
K201-25616M - ANSI EliteMetal16 Unit972.5
K201-25516PW - ANSI ElitePoly White16 Unit7103
KR201-25616R - ANSI EliteRefill16 Unit---
K201-25724M - ANSI EliteMetal24 Unit992.5
K201-24924PW - ANSI ElitePoly White24 Unit992.5
KR201-25724R - ANSI EliteRefill24 Unit---
K201-25836M - ANSI EliteMetal36 Unit992.5
K201-36436PW - ANSI ElitePoly White36 Unit9.5142.5
KR201-25836R - ANSI EliteRefill36 Unit---