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Outdoor Products

  • For workers exposed to the elements of the great outdoors.
  • For use both before and after exposure.

Item #Unit #Item NameSizePcs/Pack
216-025794Hydrocortisone Cream1 gm.6/Unit
225-152Hydrocortisone Cream1 gm.25/Box
225-150Hydrocortisone Cream1 gm.50/Box
225-148Hydrocortisone Cream1 gm.100/Box
213-019711Insect Sting Swabs-10/Unit
235-089Insect Sting Swabs-25/Box
235-090Insect Sting Swabs-50/Box
235-092Insect Sting Swabs-100/Box
213-014710Insect Sting Wipe-Ups1" x 2"10/Unit
213-021Insect Sting Wipe-Ups1" x 2"25/Box
213-023Insect Sting Wipe-Ups1" x 2"50/Box
213-013Insect Sting Wipe-Ups1" x 2"100/Box
233-033Insect Sting Spray2 oz.1
505-212BugX Repellent2 oz.1
235-069Bug Barrier Repellent6 oz.1
504-033Bug Barrier2 oz.1
506-260BugX Repellent Towelettes5" x 8"25/Box
213-017BugX Repellent Towelettes5" x 8"50/Box
235-067Wasp Spray14 oz.1
216-060762IvyX Pre-Contact Towelettes5" x 8"2/Unit
225-019IvyX Pre-Contact Towelettes5" x 8"5/Box
505-213IvyX Pre-Contact Towelettes5" x 8"25/Box
225-021IvyX Pre-Contact Towelettes5" x 8"50/Box
505-214IvyX Pre-Contact Towelettes5" x 8"100/Box
225-022IvyX Pre-Contact Towelettes5" x 8"300/Case
216-030797Poison Ivy Wash4 cc Vial6/Unit
216-050760XPoison Ivy Wash2 oz.1/Unit
225-033IvyX Cleanser2 oz.1
233-034IvyX Cleanser3 oz.1
225-032IvyX Cleanser4 oz.1
225-031IvyX Cleanser16 oz.1
505-215764IvyX Cleanser Towelettes5" x 8"2/Unit
505-216IvyX Cleanser Towelettes5" x 8"25/Box
505-217IvyX Cleanser Towelettes5" x 8"50/Box
216-027795Poison Ivy Anti-Itch Gel1/8 oz.6/Unit
225-133Poison Ivy Anti-Itch Gel1/8 oz.50/Box
225-134Poison Ivy Anti-Itch Gel1/8 oz.100/Box
225-040Sun Screen Lotion3 oz.1
504-014Lip Balm Stick.15 oz.1
234-020Snake Bite Lancet-1
234-110Suction Pump w/Adapters-1