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Certi-Strip Adhesive Bandages - Plastic

  • Designed with adhesive that sticks and won`t hurt when removed.
  • Protect minor cuts and scrapes.
  • Variety of sizes to suit every need.

Item #Unit #Item NameSizePcs/Pack
210-006607Certi-Strips1" x 3"16/Unit
220-170Certi-Strips1" x 3"50/Box
220-103Certi-Strips1" x 3"100/Box
220-123Certi-Strips1" x 3"1500/Carton
220-173Certi-Strips3/4" x 3"50/Box
220-100Certi-Strips3/4" x 3"100/Box
210-018677Certi-Strips - Junior1/2" x 2.25"40/Unit
220-014Certi-Strips - Junior1/2" x 2.25"100/Box
210-009608Certi-Strips - Xtra Large2" x 3"6/Unit
220-020Certi-Strips - Xtra Large2" x 3"25/Box
220-018Certi-Strips - Xtra Large2" x 3"50/Box
210-008605Certi-Skin Closures1/2" x 6"16/Unit
220-030Certi-Skin Closures1/2" x 6"25/Box
504-010Butterfly BandagesMedium100/Box
504-011Butterfly BandagesLarge100/Box
505-189Spots Adhesive Bandages7/8" Round50/Box
220-110XR-7Certi-Mix - Adhesive Bandage Assortment-45/Box