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Antiseptics - Wipes & Swabs

  • Your choice of wipes or swabs where applicable.
  • The package size you want in the quantity that best suits your needs.

Item #Unit #Item NameSizePcs/Pack
213-011663Certi-Sporyn - Antibiotic Cream1 gm.10/Unit
233-358Certi-Sporyn - Antibiotic Cream1 gm.25/Box
233-361Certi-Sporyn - Antibiotic Cream1 gm.50/Box
233-360Certi-Sporyn - Antibiotic Cream1 gm.100/Box
233-359Certi-Sporyn - Antibiotic Cream1 oz.1
213-010661First Aid Cream1 gm.6/Unit
233-319First Aid Cream1 gm.25/Box
233-321First Aid Cream1 gm.50/Box
233-320First Aid Cream1 gm.100/Box
233-322First Aid Cream1 oz.1
213-040730Alcohol Wipe-Ups1" x 2"10/Unit
221-022Alcohol Wipe-Ups1" x 2"50/Box
221-007Alcohol Wipe-Ups1" x 2"100/Box
221-025Alcohol Wipe-Ups1" x 2"200/Box
213-033735Alcohol Gel - Sanitizer1 gm.6/Unit
213-034Alcohol Gel - Sanitizer1 gm.25/Box
213-032Alcohol Gel - Sanitizer1 gm.50/Box
213-031Alcohol Gel - Sanitizer1 gm.100/Box
213-037Alcohol Gel - Sanitizer1 oz.1
213-041Alcohol Gel - Sanitizer4 oz.1
213-038675Antiseptic BZK Towelettes5" x 7"10/Unit
221-009Antiseptic BZK Towelettes5" x 7"25/Box
221-039Antiseptic BZK Towelettes5" x 7"50/Box
221-027Antiseptic BZK Towelettes5" x 7"100/Box
213-006840Antimicrobial Towelettes5" x 8"10/Unit
221-020Antimicrobial Towelettes5" x 8"25/Box
221-038Antimicrobial Towelettes5" x 8"50/Box
221-026Antimicrobial Towelettes5" x 8"100/Box
221-024Certi-Soap Cleanser Towelettes5" x 8"50/Box
221-028Certi-Soap Cleanser Towelettes5" x 8"100/Box
213-005752PVP Iodine Wipe-Ups1" x 2"10/Unit
233-096PVP Iodine Wipe-ups1" x 2"25/Box
233-098PVP Iodine Wipe-ups1" x 2"50/Box
233-097PVP Iodine Wipe-ups1" x 2"100/Box
213-004754PVP Iodine Swabs-10/Unit
233-100PVP Iodine Swabs-25/Box
233-095PVP Iodine Swabs-50/Box
233-101PVP Iodine Swabs-100/Box
220-111XR-5Certi-Mix - Antiseptic ANSI Assortment-26/Box