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Burn Products

  • Temporary relief for minor burns, cuts and scrapes.
  • All CSM burn products are water soluble and contain the soothing power of Aloe Vera.
  • Helps relieve pain.
  • Cools and helps prevent infections.

Item #Unit #Item NameTypeSizePcs/Pack
215-010658Certi-Burn GelN/A1/8 oz.6/Unit
233-365Certi-Burn GelN/A1/8 oz.25/Box
233-318Certi-Burn Gel PlusN/A1 oz.1
233-214Certi-Burn Gel PlusN/A2 oz.1
233-216Certi-Burn Gel PlusN/A4 oz.1
215-013662XCerti-Burn Dressing 1N/A-5/Unit
215-016694XCerti-Burn Dressing 2N/A-5/Unit
215-006671XCerti-Burn Gel PlusN/A1 oz.1
505-117Water Jel Burn DressingN/A2" x 6"1
505-204Water Jel Burn DressingN/A4" x 4"1
505-149Water Jel Burn DressingN/A4" x 16"1
505-147Water Jel Burn DressingN/A8" x 18"1
505-141Water Jel Facial Burn DressingN/A12" x 16"1
505-191Burn Sheet - Disposable - SterileN/A60" x 96"1
215-007659Certi-Burn CreamN/A1 gm.6/Unit
233-375Certi-Burn CreamN/A1 gm.25/Box
233-374Certi-Burn CreamN/A1 gm.50/Box
233-376Certi-Burn CreamN/A1 gm.100/Box
215-008660Certi-Burn CreamN/A1/8 oz.6/Unit
233-368Certi-Burn CreamN/A1/8 oz.25/Box
215-002234XCerti-Burn SprayN/A1 oz.1
233-004Certi-Burn SprayN/A1 oz.1
233-007Certi-Burn SprayN/A3 oz.1
280-020Cold Spray - Aerosol CanN/A4 oz.1
R514-002Burn Free 2X6N/A2X61
R514-003Burn Free 4X4N/A4X41
R514-004Burn Free 8X8N/A8X81
R514-005Burn Free 12X12N/A12X121
R514-006Burn Free Face Mask 12X16 N/A12X161
R514-007Burn Free Bottle - 2 ozN/A2 oz1
R514-008Burn Free Bottle - 4 ozN/A4 oz1
R514-009655Burn Free - 1/8 oz - 6/unitUnit BoxN/A6/unit
R514-010Burn Free - 1/8 oz - 25/unitUnit BoxN/A25/unit
R514-012Burn Free Trauma Bag - 36X30Nylon Bag36X301
R514-013Burn Free Sunburn Rescue - 8 ozBottle8 oz1