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Unit Refills

  • All units meet and/or exceed ANSI Standard Z308.1.2009.
  • All units have superior safety overwrap for quick opening.
  • Units listed are single or double (X) width units.

Item #Unit #Item NameSizePcs/Pack
230-091631Certi-Gauze Roll3" x 6 yds.1/Unit
210-006607Certi-Strips1" x 3"16/Unit
210-005606Certi-Strips - 3/43/416/Unit
210-018677Certi-Strips - Junior1/2" x 2.25"40/Unit
210-009608Certi-Strips - Xtra Large2" x 3"6/Unit
210-008605Certi-Skin Closures1/2" x 6"16/Unit
210-007609Certi-Strips1" x 3"16/Unit
210-015666Certi-StripsFingertip - Medium10/Unit
210-019689Certi-StripsFingertip & Knuckle9/Unit
210-110609BCerti-Strips - BMD1" x 3"16/Unit
210-115666BCerti-Strips - BMDFingertip - Medium10/Unit
210-120688BCerti-Strips - BMDKnuckle8/Unit
211-020696Absorbent Compress32" Sq.1/Unit
211-002622Certi-Gauze Bandage Compress2"4/Unit
211-005623Certi-Gauze Bandage Compress3"2/Unit
211-008624Certi-Gauze Bandage Compress4"1/Unit
211-014638Certi-Gauze Compress18" x 36"2/Unit
211-017639Certi-Gauze Compress36" x 36"1/Unit
211-021640Certi-Gauze Compress24" x 72"1/Unit
211-032629Trauma Pad Compress8" x 10"1/Unit
211-030628Certi-Non-Stick Pad2" x 3"4/Unit
211-029647Certi-Gauze Pad2" x 2"6/Unit
211-011637Certi-Gauze Pad3" x 3"4/Unit
211-012632Certi-Gauze Pad4" x 4"2/Unit
211-022633Certi-Gauze Roll1" x 6 yds.2/Unit
211-024634Certi-Gauze Roll2" x 6 yds.2/Unit
211-027635Certi-Gauze Roll4" x 6 yds.1/Unit
211-033636Triangular Bandage - w/Pins40" x 40" x 56"3/Unit
211-034636STriangular Bandage - w/Pins - Sterile40" x 40" x 56"3/Unit
216-079903XAbsorbent Powder - 2 oz. w/Scraper & Gloves-4/Unit
216-080904XBiohazard Bag & Towelettes-6/Unit
216-068805XCPRotector®5.5" Sq.1/Unit
216-070810XCPRotector® - w/Gloves-3/Unit
216-072812XCPRotector® - w/Gloves & Towelette-4/Unit
216-062813XCPRotector®, Gloves, Towelette & Biohazard Bag-4/Unit
216-078902XEye Shield, Mask & Gloves-4/Unit
216-082816Gloves - NitrileLarge2 Pair/Unit
216-084901XGown & Cap-2/Unit
213-006840Antimicrobial Towelettes5" x 8"10/Unit
215-007659Certi-Burn Cream1 gm.6/Unit
215-008660Certi-Burn Cream1/8 oz.6/Unit
215-006671XCerti-Burn Gel Plus1 oz.1/Unit
215-013662XCerti-Burn Dressing 1-5/Unit
215-016694XCerti-Burn Dressing 2-5/Unit
215-010658Certi-Burn Gel1/8 oz.6/Unit
215-002234XCerti-Burn Spray1 oz.1/Unit
213-033735Alcohol Gel - Sanitizer1 gm.6/Unit
213-040730Alcohol Wipe-Ups1" x 2"10/Unit
213-038675Antiseptic BZK Towelettes5" x 7"10/Unit
213-010661First Aid Cream1 gm.6/Unit
213-022759Certi-Soap Cleanser Towelettes5" x 8"10/Unit
213-004754PVP Iodine Swabs-10/Unit
213-005752PVP Iodine Wipe-Ups1" x 2"10/Unit
213-011663Certi-Sporyn Antibiotic Cream1 gm.10/Unit
214-008676Eye Pads & Tape-8/Unit
216-025794Hydrocortisone Cream1 gm.6/Unit
213-014710Insect Sting Wipe-Ups1" x 2"10/Unit
213-019711Insect Sting Swabs-10/Unit
216-060762IvyX Pre-Contact Towelettes5" x 8"2/Unit
216-027795Poison Ivy Anti-Itch Gel1/8 oz.6/Unit
216-030797Poison Ivy Wash4 cc Vial6/Unit
216-050760XPoison Ivy Wash2 oz.1/Unit
505-215764IvyX Cleanser Towelettes5" x 8"2/Unit
216-003652Certi-Tape1/2" x 2.5 yds.2/Unit
216-004650XCerti-Tape1" x 2.5 yds.2/Unit
212-005600Ammonia InhalantsAmp/Pad10/Unit
216-033699XCold Pack - Certi-Cool - Junior5" x 7"1/Unit
216-015783Forceps & Scissors-2/Unit
234-290745XCerti-Heat - Instant Hot Pack5" x 7"1/Unit
216-036791XRescue Blanket - Silver - Disposable52" x 84"1/Unit
216-010781Tourniquet1" x 18"1/Unit
216-008780Tourniquet & Forceps-2/Unit
216-013782Tourniquet, Forceps & Scissors-3/Unit
216-018651Wire Splint3.5" x 30"1/Unit
216-023653Certi-Cet Tablets - Non-Aspirin2/Pkg.20/2`s/Unit
512-001756PVP Iodine Swabs-6/Unit