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CPRotector Kits & Pouches

  • With concerns over HIV and Hepatitis, the CPRotector makes sense in all first aid kits.
  • Disposable and economical mouth-to-mouth barrier between the rescuer and the victim with a one-way valve.

Item #Item NameTypeSizeHeightWidthDepth
K203-0016PW - CPRotector® ONE DeluxePoly White6 Unit5"5"2.5"
K203-006XLP - CPRotector® DeluxeOrange XLP-4.5"4.25"2.25"
K203-0006PW - CPRotector® TWO EconomyPoly White6 Unit5"5"2.5"
270-030CPRotector® - w/GlovesOrange Mini Pouch-2.5"3.5"1.5"
270-037CPRotector® - w/Gloves & ToweletteOrange Mini Pouch-
270-036CPRotector® - w/GlovesBlack Mini Pouch-2.5"3.5"1.5"
270-038CPRotector® - w/Gloves & ToweletteBlack Mini Pouch-2.5"3.5"1.5"
270-010CPRotector®Black Micro Pouch-1.75"2"1"
270-011CPRotector®Orange Micro Pouch-1.75"2"1"