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Manufacturing and Distributing Quality First Aid Kits and Supplies

Certified Safety is a worldwide distributor with a commitment to provide quality products, prompt service, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, with distributors throughout the world.

The variety of quality items we produce has made us the #1 growing manufacturer in our industry. All of our products, where applicable, meet and/or exceed the guidelines set by OSHA and ANSI (American National Standard Institute) standards as outlined in Section Z308.1-2015 and Federal Specification GG-K391(a).



Accidents and injuries can happen at any moment, in any work setting. We try to avoid incidents at all costs, but sometimes the unavoidable happens. At Certifed Safety, we strive to produce the highest quality first aid and response equipment on the market. From completely self-contained first aid cabinets to individual supplies such as our CPRotector, we make goods that are suitable for nearly any industry, including:

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