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Cal/OSHA – Title 8 regulations provide the following instructions on work place First Aid kits:

Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders Article 3. General

Section 1512. Emergency Medical Services.

© First-Aid Kit.

  • Every employer working on or furnishing personnel on a construction project, on line crews and on other short duration or transient jobs shall provide at least one first-aid kit in a weatherproof container. The contents of the first-aid kit shall be inspected regularly to ensure that the expended items are promptly replaced. The contents of the first-aid kit shall be arranged to be quickly found and remain sanitary. First-aid dressings shall be sterile in individually sealed packages for each item. The minimum first-aid supplies shall be determined by an employer-authorized or licensed physician.
  • Other supplies and equipment, when provided, shall be in accordance with the documented recommendations of an employer-authorized, licensed physician upon consideration of the extent and type of emergency care to be given based upon the anticipated incidence and nature of injuries and illnesses and availability of transportation to medical care.
  • Drugs, antiseptics, eye irrigation solutions, inhalants, medicines, or proprietary preparations shall not be included in first-aid kits unless specifically approved, in writing, by an employer-authorized, licensed physician.