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Title 46 CFR Part 160, Subpart 160.041 – Kits, First-Aid, for Merchant Vessels

  • First-aid kits covered by this specification shall be of the water-tight cabinet carrying type designated as Type II, Grade A, class B by Federal Specification GG-K-391
  • First-aid kits shall be of a size (approximately 9” x 9” x 2 ½” inside) adequate for packing the equivalent of 24 standard single cartons
  • The container shall be of substantial and rugged construction, with the body, handle, and all fittings of a corrosion-resistant material or suitably protected against corrosion
  • Individual cartons. Cartons shall be of the standard commercial unit type.
  • Each approved first-aid kit shall be permanently marked with the following information:
    1. Name of manufacturer
    2. Trade name symbol
    3. Model number
    4. The Coast Guard Approval Number
    5. The words “FIRST-AID KIT.”
  • Leak testing: A closed empty container, lined with colored blotting paper, shall be submerged under one foot of water for a period of two hours. No seepage shall be allowed.
  • Salt spray. The container shall be exposed to a spray of 20% by weight of reagent grade sodium chloride at about 95° F